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Renal Transplantation

Kidney is one of the vital organs of the body. But when any of the vital organs goes for a six life becomes miserable. Hence proper functioning of the vital organs becomes important for the proper functioning of the body. Many of the times we see patients suffering from renal problems but it is not the real problem that leads to end stage renal disease rather it can be problem to the heart, liver and lungs that can contribute in kidney failure.

Causes of renal failure

There can be a number of causes for renal failure but important once are life style disorders like diabetes mellitus or sugar in common parlance. People do suffer from renal problems when the lungs start functioning abnormally or when the heart is compromised. O the interconnectedness of the body is really important for the human being to survive well.

What happens when kidney fails?

When kidney fails it is not the transplantation which is opted first but patient goes for haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis along with pharmacotherapy, depending on the condition of kidneys. The percentage of non damaged functional portion decides which treatment to opt for. Afterwards when these treatment loose effectiveness then kidney transplantation is opted for the final treatment.

What is kidney transplantation?

Renal transplantation or kidney transplantation is the replacement of damaged kidney with a well functional kidney. It is a surgical procedure which is being carried out by nephrologists so that the filtration process of the blood is not hampered and the toxins can be filtered out of the body of the patient.

Types of renal transplantation

There are mainly two types of renal transplantation that we carry out in the medical industry. The first category includes living donors and the second comes from unrelated donors who have died. Living donor can be from your family, your spouse or near dear ones. Whereas non living donor is a cadaver donor, a person who has donated his organs before death on papers.

Who needs renal transplantation?

Patients who are suffering from diabetes can land up with end stage renal problems and can be a renal shut down stage. Not even diabetic rather a cardiac patient may a time require renal transplantation if kidneys are damaged. Patients with kidney problems like nephritis, renal failure, high blood pressure and polycystic kidney disease patients do land with renal failure which is the indication for renal transplantation.

Transplantation process

It involves medical evaluation of the patient and the donor as well so that there will be less chances of rejection by the recipient body. The procedure is done in an aseptic conditions and patient is taken care of in very critical care unit.

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