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Pancreas Transplantation

Pancreas is not the vital organ of the human body but do have very important role for a healthy lifestyle. Although not a vital organ, but patient cannot survive with pancreas problems, as two important hormones are secreted by pancreas that is glucagon and insulin. So the problem of diabetes mellitus is because of problem in the islet of langerhans part of pancreas that secretes insulin. So it hampers the whole endocrine system if gets infected of affected.

What is pancreas transplant?

Pancreas transplant is a surgery to replace a diseased pancreas by a healthy pancreas of the donor. Either the whole or part of the pancreas is being replaced by the donor pancreas. The pancreas is taken form a patient who is brain dead but on ventilator support. Before transplantation compatibility is checked and confirmed.

Who needs pancreas transplantation?

People with diabetes type 1 in which the pancreas does not make enough of insulin resulting in high level of glucose in the blood. The high level of glucose can lead to amputation, disease of the arteries, cardiac problems, retinopathy, and nerve damage and stroke as well. This can happen due to the increase in the viscosity of the blood. A treatment of pancreas can cure the whole problem of dibetes and eliminates the need of outside insulin. Once the compromised pancreas is taken out and a healthy pancreas is placed it starts boosting the burning process of glucose. Replacement of pancreas can be the boon for a severely diabetic case who is longing for a healthy life. But it is not the only case where pancreas is transplanted. But it is done when the person suffers from nephropathy with diabetes.


The process includes pre and post investigation of the both the recipient and the donor like other transplantation procedure. Both the parties are investigated for compatibility as well. Pre anesthetic review is done to assess the risk factors involved the case. The risk factors can be reaction to medications, breathing problems, bleeding and infection etc... The surgery takes a long time and both the donor and recipient are kept under critical care unit for observation.

Why India for pancreas transplantation?

India has a number of specialized doctors which are available round the clock for the patients. There is no lapse in the care given to the patient. There is a whole transplantation team that looks after one part and gives a holistic care to the patient. The life of the patient is the responsibility if the team hence we strive our level best for healthy life of the patient. India has rich medical industry and metro cities have no dearth of it. India has big hospitals offering treatment at cost effective rate so if you are also searching for the same just email us at any point of time. You will get the reply within 48 hrs.

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