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Intestinal Transplantation

Intestinal transplantation was not possible once but now with the advent of technology and science specialist is now able to anastomose parts of intestine as well. Vital organs transplantation has made it possible to think that intestine could also be transplanted. Intestinal transplantation is attaching whole or a part of the intestine in the recipient body. It is usually done when the intestine becomes problematic or diseased. After the first intestinal transplant in the history of medicines in university of Minnesota in early 70’s this procedure has taken a pace all over the globe and have become one of the commonly carried out procedure.

What is intestinal transplantation?

It is a surgical procedure that has evolved over past few decades in the history of medicine. It is the last resort treatment option for patients with intestinal failure. These patients are on total parental nutrition. TPN cannot be used for a longer period of time as it becomes difficult t maintain the veins of the patient. Because of heavy constituents the veins get collapsed as it is administered through catheter. It is a complex procedure in which highly skilled specialized team is required. It takes hours together for the surgery to get over.

Who needs intestinal transplantation?

There are certain cases that need intestinal transplantation like congenital malformation, ganglionosis, infection in intestine leading to gangrene, absorptive impairment, short bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel syndrome, small bowel syndrome, tumors, intestinal tumors, trauma etc. There are many other conditions that require intestinal transplantation.

Types of intestinal transplantation

There are three major types of intestinal transplantation which are as follows.

  • Isolated intestinal transplantation:- The diseased portion of the small intestine is removed and replaced with a healthy part from the intestine of the donor.
  • Combined liver and intestine transplantation:- This procedure done for the patients with liver and intestinal failure. In this procedure the diseased liver and intestinal part is replaced by the healthy donor parts.
  • Multivisceral transplantation:- It is done when two or more parts of the abdomen are unhealthy and need replacement.


The procedure is carried out only after pre evaluation of the patients on the basis of investigations done prior surgery. It is applicable for both the recipients and donor. One a confirmatory preanesthetic is passed by the patient he is accepted for the surgery. The surgical procedure is lengthy and cumbersome. Qualifies super specialists who have specialization in this area can only perform this procedure. After surgery the patient is shifted to ICU or critical care unit for pot operative care.

Why India for intestinal transplantation?

India has rich medical industry and qualified medical staff. Hence the patients get best treatment at cost effective charges. The facilities provided to the patients are commendable and one can consult the doctor by any mean. The doctors and the whole Para medical team take care of the patient holistically and counseling is also done for future follow up. We are a platform for you people and play an important role in doctor patient relationship. Approach us we will help you and fulfill your needs.

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