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Poor Egg Quality

Women do form a number of eggs every month and the eggs get fertilized by the sperm are copulation. Most people have a common notion that when they are trying for pregnancy the number of eggs is important but it’s not the number of eggs that matter rather it’s the quality of eggs formed. Egg quality refers to how good are the eggs for fertilization. With aging the eggs start having poor mitochondrial function due to which the eggs die.


Age is a bifg factor responsible for the quality of eggs. Eggs are great and have good quality at 20’s and 30’s. The number of eggs is also large. But with aging eggs starts declining both in number and quality. In 40s one has more number of poor eggs. There is always a decline in fertility potential in females in late mid 30’s. Females may have a poor menstrual cycle. The females between 20-30 years of age have 40 % chance of conceiving in every cycle. But as they grow older the chance to conceive becomes less because of the poor quality of eggs produced. Poor quality of egg can make conceiving poor. If at all lady conceives there can be chances of miscarriage and malformation.

Testing Egg Quality

At old age when a lady I trying to conceive then the testing of eggs becomes important. The quality of egg is checked so that when a baby is conceived the poor quality egg can lead to congenital anomaly, malformation etc. If the egg is o.k. and of good quality then it can go for fertilization. Poor eggs can often leads to miscarriage as the egg is not strong enough to multiply and results in abortion.


In vitro fertilization is the treatment of choice for this kind of problem. It is an effective treatment for infertility. It is being utilized for blocked fallopian tubes, male factor infertility, reduced ovarian reserve, which says lower quantity of eggs. In IVF multiple numbers of eggs are removed and then the eggs are cultured for 3-5 days. The best embryo is transferred back to the uterus. And remaining embryos are frozen for other couples. Hence the time for natural fertilization is compressed by transferring the fertilized ebryo. Medical treatment is also being given o produce multiple follicles and eggs.

This procedure is being carried out by IVF specialist in ivf specialize hospitals. Earlier it was a big problem but now there is dearth of such hospitals and hospitals with this facility. It is now done in on OPD basis as well by the gynecologist. You are also tired of looking for any treatment for your infertility. Do not mourn ay more just have faith in us. Email your details and problem to us. We will contact and discuss with the best doctors of India. We at united med tour can solve your problem within no time and get the appointment fixed. Call us or email us whenever you feel so. We are there for the benefit of the crowd.

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