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Polycystic ovarian disorder


There are many infertility problems in women and because of this they face problem in conception. Polycystic ovarian disorder is a common condition in which the hormonal levels of the lady distort and they become out of balance. The female hormones estrogen and progesterone go out of balance in this condition. The imbalance of the biochemical inside the body causes rise of ovarian cyst and hampers the menstrual cycle. Commonly known as PCOs may cause unwanted change in the body of female and over a long period of time it causes multiple changes all over the body.

Causes of PCO

The definite cause of PCO is still unknown but there are several factors responsible for the PCO. It is the overproduction of estrogen and progesterone in the body of a female that leads to drastic changes. Sometime it runs in the family so it is said to be genetic in nature. If mother has suffered from PCO then sister or daughter tend to have the disease. Women with PCO have high production of androgen leading to suppression of the formation of ovulation or the formation of eggs. Hence it hampers the release of eggs. It also leads to excess of insulin production in the body.


Because of high androgen in the body a female tends to have more hair growth on the face, check. Chest, stomach thumb etc. they can have decrease in the size of breast, deeper voice and thin hairs. Many a time they develop acne, gain weight, and suffers from anxiety and pelvic pain.


There is as such no definite test that can rule out PCOD but history by the patient’s clinical symptoms and pelvic examination is helpful in diagnosing the PCOD. Blood tests are done to measure thyroid function, fasting glucose test, and lipid levels are assessed to rule out PCOD. Even a vaginal ultrasound can be best to have a broader picture of the reproductive organs.


It is being tackled by gynecologists. The treatment of confined to controlling the symptoms and trying to make balance between the hormones. Women are given symptomatic treatment like for controlling acne, weight, insulin, fertility drugs are given etc. It depends totally on the gynecologist that how they are tackling the condition. Effective and expert treatment can lead to fast suppression of the symptoms.

India has a number of expert gynecologists. Not only the metro cities rather other cities too have good gynecologists. It is the most common specialty and is given preference as well. If you are also looking for cost effective and good treatment approach us and take treatment in India.

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