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Oligopsermia is also known as oligozoosprmia. It is a condition in which the sperm count of males reduces below the required value for fertilization. It is generally taken as less than 20 million spermatozoa per ml of ejaculation. It is quite common cause of infertility in males. There are many factors responsible for oligospermia.

Causes of oligopsermia

Low sperm count means that the male will not be able o produce absolute amount of sperms hence the lady will not be able to conceive. The major factors responsible for oligipsermia are chromosome defect, diabetes, hyperprolactemia, injury to the testes, hormonal defects, and thyroid problems, swelling in the testicles, chromosomal disorder, varicose and chemotherapy as well. There are many more other factors disturbing the formation of sperms in the body of males.

Conditions affecting transport of sperm

There are conditions that affect the transportation of sperms formed as well contributing to the infertility issues. The sperms are formed but they die before getting transported to the correct place that is before reaching the egg. Inability occurs in 10-20% of the males infertility cases. Many men with cystic fibrous do face this problem. Males with erectile dysfunction, scarring of surgery, orchitis, retrograde ejaculation etc. do contribute in this problem.


People with this disorder can have testicular pain, burning sensation while urinating, thick discharge from the testes, varioceol, and pain in the scrotum, tenderness in the scrotum, dilated veins in the scrotum etc. are the common features of oligospermia. Most of the times this diagnosis is missed so when the a couple suffers from infertility then one should be aware that he should get his tests done as well along with the female. One should be honest with the life partner and with his health as well.


Treatment varies from person to person depending on the severity of oligospermia. Treatment starts with diet and pharmaotherapy. It includes losing and gaining weight as needed, no smoking, reduction in alcohol intake, avoiding hot tubs, tight underwear, and excessive heat around that area. There are number of doctors with specialization who are able to treat this disorder in a wonderful way.

Why India for the treatment

There are lots many patients off those disorder her and do get absolute treatment. They understand the patient’s problem from humane point of view which is why patients from all over the globe approach India for the treatment. The treatment is cheap and cost effective. One can get high standard treatment at low cost and with tender touch. The confidentiality is also maintained as well. Approach us if you are in need.

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