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Oral Cancer


Cancer is the abnormal multiplication of the cancerous cell in any part of the body. It is an umbrella term that can affect any cell of the body and hence categorized with that name. Oral cancer is also one of the common forms of cancer tobacco chewers suffer from. It can affect any part of the oral cavity like throat, gums, tongue, floor of the mouth, sinuses, cheek palate etc. Usually occurs at the age above 40 it is a disease condition that happens because of our life style and eating habits.

Who all can get oral cancer?

Risk factor of oral cancer includes HPV infection, chronic facial sun exposure. Previous history of oral cancer and family history of oral cancer. These people are generally prone to oral cancer. People with habits of smoking cigar, cigarettes, pipes and who chew tobacco are at high risk of oral cancer. So it is a kind of life style disorder and the probability and risk can be minimized as much as we can. People between 44- 60 years of age are more prone to oral cancers if they have above mentioned habits.

Symptoms of oral cancer

Oral cancer s a deadly diseases condition and the person are not able to eat and drink if the whole cavity is involved so it is better to avoid unhealthy habit. People with oral cancer have sore lip and mouth, gum bleeding, loose teeth, weak gums, pain in swallowing, lump in the neck area, ear ache which is permanent, weight loss, numbness of face, chin, lip and neck and white and red patches in mouth and lips. There are other symptoms also which are present in case of oral cancer.


There are several test for the diagnose of oral cancer. First and foremost is check up of the oral cavity by the dental surgeon. Examination of oral cavity including lips, cheeks, lymph nodes, tongue and floor of the mouth is done by the dental surgeon and ENT specialist. Then the doctor performs a biopsy for confirmation. Biopsy establishes the diagnosis. After those blood tests, CT scan and X-rays of jaw, chest and lungs are done to see any metastasis. Once the diagnosis is established doctor starts the treatment.


It depends on the type and stage of the cancer. Oral cancer can be of any types like, lip, palate, tongue, gum, floor of mouth, sinuses and throat depending on the part involved. Like other cancer treatment it can be treated by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and combination of therapies. The stage defines the treatment to be used by the surgeon. Surgeries like commando surgeries are also carried out by our oncosurgeons in different hospitals.

Why India for oral cancer treatment?

India has good number of cancer institute’s and research center with qualifies on co team. Therefore we have firm faith that the patients get well soon if approach us on time. We understand your problem hence we try our level best for fixing a meeting and appointment as per your need. Call us as soon as possible.

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