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Male Reproductive Cancer


The reproductive system is the most important system of the human body when it comes to reproduction and birth of a baby. It is not that the female reproductive system is important for the conception rather female reproductive system also plays an important role as well. The male reproductive system consists of a number of organs making the whole organ system. Cancer at any part of the system makes the patient suffer both physically and mentally.

Types of male reproductive cancer

  • Testicular cancer:- it is the type of cancer which is common in 15 to 34 years age old males. Commonly occurring in young males it represents 1 percent of the cancers that occur in men. Testes are the important part of the male reproductive system as these are responsible for the formation of sperms. Sperms are the main entity required for fertilization of the female ovum and form a zygote. Since it is the hidden part and people feel shy about it so most of the times it is detected in later stages. Blood tests are done to detect the presence of testicular cancer. Even the clinical examination is also helpful for the diagnosis
  • Prostate cancer:- It is the cancer of that occurs in old males. It is usually a slow growing cancer but quite troublesome. The patients with prostate cancer suffer from burning maturation, painful ejaculation, painful maturation and swelling of the reproductive organs. Same as other male cancers people find it difficult initially to mention about the problem but when they reveal t becomes quite late.
  • Penile cancer:- It is considered to be the rarest form of male cancer. It can occur at any age and patients suffering from penile cancer do complaint about redness of penis, unusual discharge, lumps on the penis, problems in ejaculation etc. The risk factor includes age above 60. Poor personal hygiene, tobacco use, multiple partners and phimosis.


The treatment of male genital cancer includes a combination of therapy like chemo therapy that includes treatment through cancer drugs. These are infused through intra venous access or orally. Radiotherapy is another type of therapy utilized and these are followed by surgical interventions. So depending upon the type and stage the treatment is selected for the same. The diagnostic procedures include blood tests, CT scan MRI, PE scan and even biopsy of required.

Why India for male reproductive cancer treatment?

People suffering from male reproductive cancer can approach India as we have a number of hospitals with specialization in genital cancer. We understand how important this part is for the patients so we try hard to get it under control as early as possible. Treatment is providing at cost effective rates and patient is given a holistic care. We feel that the patient is responsibility and we play an important role in saving his life. We at united med tour help in taking appointment at the best hospitals with the specialist. Patient can directly consult the doctor for his problem.

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