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Lung Cancer


Cancer is one of the deadliest cause of death in the world and but lung cancer use 1.4 millions death per year as per the evaluation of world health organization. Cancer in lungs causes s respiratory problems to the patients. There are several causes for lung cancer. It occurs when there is uncontrolled growth or multiplication of the cancerous cells.

Types of lung cancer

Lung cancer are mainly of three kinds and the prognosis depends on the type patient is suffering from.

  • Non small cell lung cancer:- This is the most common type of lung cancer and around 85% of the lung cancer patients suffer from this type of lung cancer. It includes adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and large cell carcinoma.
  • Small cell lung cancer:- This type of cancer is called oat cancer. It consists of 10% -15% of lung cancer consists of this type of lung cancer.
  • Lung carcinoid tumor:- Less than 5% of the lung cancer consists of this type of lung cancer. These are also called neuroendocrine tumors.

Causes of lung cancer

There can be several causes of lung cancer like tobacco smoking occupational exposure genetic predisposition, lung scarring from prior illness environment pollution. There are other factors also contributing in greater risk of cancer. People between 45-55 years of age group tend to fall for this disease condition if they have above mentioned habits.


The treatment of lung cancer starts with the diagnosis and its confirmation. Like other disease conditions it is very important to have a confirmatory diagnosis of the same. Once established by al the investigation like blood tests, biopsy, breathalyzer, and X ray it has to be treated in a proper manner by pulmonary physician and surgeon. The treatment involves pharmacy therapy and surgery depending on the sage and condition of the patient. Adjoining treatment modalities like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and combination of therapies are utilized to control the multiplication of cancerous cells. Surgery is performed after pre anesthetic check up and a confirmation of ok report from the anesthetist. Patient and the donor is checked and rechecked for compatibility and the diseased lung is replaced by a healthy lung.


It is generally of two types

  • Single lung transplant:- Single lung is replaced by a healthy lung through open surgical procedure and the surgery takes 4-8 hours.
  • Double lung transplant:- In this process both the lungs are replaced by healthy lung of the brain dead patient or the cadaver. It takes around 6-12 hours.

Why India for lung transplant?

Lung transplant is very costly procedure and requires an expert hand. We in India have a number of great doctors and qualified Para medics who can take care of the lung cancer patient effectively. The mortality rate is quite low because of the care given to the patients in the hospitals. People who are not able to afford quality treatment are also being given a way and option for his treatment. So if you are in need, then email us at united medtour.

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