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Female Reproductive Cancers


Cancer has encroached the society for decades and is considered to be the deadliest form of all the disease condition. Even by the name of the term cancer people get trauma. Hence it is an important issue. There are as many numbers of cancers as the organs and tissues and they are classified differently. Female do suffered from special type of cancer that occurs only in the female reproductive system. This type of cancer occurs in any part of the female reproductive system like vulva, vagina, cervix uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. These are also called gynecological cancers. This type f cancer invades the nearby tissue directly through lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes.


There are several diagnostic techniques which are used to establish the diagnosis before revealing the problem to the patient. It includes regular pelvic examination, papanicolaou tests. Biopsy is the confirmatory tests which are done to establish the diagnosis of the gynecological cancer. Not only this CT scan, MRI and PET scan are other modalities being utilized for the same.

Signs and symptoms of gynecological cancer

The signs and symptoms differ with the type of cancer. Patients do suffer from abnormal vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain and pressure, abdominal back pain, bloating, changes in bathroom habits, itching and burning of vulva changes in vulvae color or skin , sores , warts and rashes etc. there are other symptoms like weight loss, irregular periods, heavy flow during periods, dysmennorhea etc.


There are various modalities for treatment now days with the advent of technology. The main treatment of ovarian cancer is surgical removal of the cancer. Surgery may be followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Women with cervical cancer go for radiation therapy both external and internal. External therapy is gives for days together extending up to several weeks. Chemotherapy is another modality being given to the patients in which chemo drugs are infused through intra venous fluids or orally. Hence there are multiple modalities of the treatment being used to treat the patients.

Why India for gynecological cancer?

India has a big medical industry and a number of good gynae specialists who have specialsed in onco field as well. Gynae is given first preference in India as there are a number of poor people who are not able to afford good treatment. Hence the government has made it sure to have a bunch of gynecologist in all the areas. So it is a very common department of medical industry. People from conceiving to pregnancy demands for gynecologist and hence in between all the conditions are also catered by them. It is cheap and effective treatment in India. The charges are quite minimal and people can easily go for any kind of treatment which is required for their condition. Hence if you are also in need of treatment and thinking of any kind of help just approach us we will be able to help you out with our best efforts. Do not forget to call united medtour for the best services.

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