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Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer prevailing all over the globe. It is the type of cancer that usually starts off in the inner lining of the milk doctor the lobules supplying them with milk. It is common more in female although it occurs in both the genders. The rate of breast cancer is quite high in developed nations. It can be because of the eating habits of the women and is commonly found in elderly women.

Causes and diagnosis of breast cancer

There can be multiple causes related to breast cancer. Age is one of the important factors out of many affecting the growth of breast cancer. Genetics is also responsible for the growth of breast cancer. Women who have close relative like mother, sister with breast cancer are more likely to develop the same ate their later stages. There are many types of breast cancers that are no hereditary. Women who carry BRCCA1and BRCA2 genes are at high risk of developing the same. People with history of blood cancer are also likely to develop breast cancer again in their life. Other factors responsible for the same are taller women, alcohol consumption radiation exposure and hormone replacement therapy.

Symptoms of breast cancer

There are various symptoms of breast cancer. The patient with breast cancer can have lump in the breast, pain in the armpits and arms, redness or pitting of the skin, a rash around one of the nipples, swelling in the armpits, thickened tissue of the breast discharge from one of the nipples. Patients with breast cancer do have headache, lethargy, weight loss etc. at the later stages as well.

Risk factors for breast cancer

Risk factors for breast cancer includes aging, history of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, BRACA1 AND 2, genetic changes, obesity, more breast fat, family history , personal history, race and ethnicity.


The treatment of breast cancer uses multidisciplinary approach. It includes chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, bone directed therapy and surgery. Surgery can be radical and mastectomy. During the initial stages breast cancer can be treated with the help of breast cancer. A multiple modality is being utilized nowadays for treating it in which the patient is given chemotherapy to limit the tumor and then when the aim is achieved radical mastectomy or resection of the tumor is done followed by radiotherapy. Hence the treatment is quite affective.

Why India for breast cancer treatment?

India is rich in qualified doctors and the paramedic staff. Therefore people from all over the world are approaching us. Not only this treatment cost is very reasonable and sometimes nil for the patients. Hence it is very cost effective and good for the already ill patients. We at united med tour try to help our customers to find the best hospital within their reach. Not only this have had we fixed meetings with the doctors and the concerned staff of the hospital for fast treatment. If you are one of those who are in need of the treatment then call us.

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