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Brain Cancer


Cancer is considered to be the deadliest and the fatalist disorder of the human body and when it affects the human brain t becomes all the more fatal. Being so common it has hoisted its flag everywhere. It is the disease of the central nervous system when the neurons and the adjoining structures are involved by the cancerous or malignant tumor. The tumor is always called cancer when it is malignant but known as benign when not dangerous.

What is brain cancer?

Cancer is the abnormal multiplication of normal cells in brain leading to the formation of tour and spreading malignancy. It is a dangerous problem and people do get afraid just by its name.

Although the abnormal growths are called tumors but all the growths are not cancer. The property of malignant tumor is that it grows rapidly and overpowers and suppresses the growth of normal cells. But both the malignant and benign tumors can cause problems.

Causes of brain cancer

Brain cancer can have a number of causes like brain tumors originating in the brain itself from meninges, cranial nerves, pituitary gland and pineal gland. The tumors can be primary brain tumors in which the there I mutation in the DNA and it I because of the mutation that the cell starts multiplying at a rapid rate. There can secondary brain tumors as well in which the cancer begins elsewhere. Common primary brain tumors are gliomas, meningiomas, pituitary adenomas, germ cell tumors, craniopharyngeomas etc.

Risk factors for brain cancer

The risk factor for cancer increases with age. Exposure to radiations like ionizing radiations has more risk of brain cancer. Even the family history can also be a risk factor for the same.


There are number of modalities involved in treating brain cancer. The patient is first of all checked clinically and all the investigations pertaining to cancer are done to rule out the diagnosis. This is being catered by onco neurosurgeons and physicians. After establishing the diagnoses the stage of the tumor is decided by the onco neurosurgeon and patient is treated of pharmacotherapy or surgery whichever is required by the patient. It also includes another therapies like chemotherapy where the patient is given oral and IV chemo drugs or anticancer drugs t suppresses the growth of cancerous cells. Radiotherapy is also included as on required basis. Hence a full cover is given to suppress the growth of cancerous cells.

Why India for brain cancer treatment?

There are a number of once hospitals have neurology as specialization. People do come over with their clinical symptoms like seizures, headche, projectile vomiting, nausea and blurred vision. Our doctors do not believe in delaying rather they start their action then and there for the benefit of patients. Of you are searching for a cancer hospital in India call us or email us your details. We will try our level best to give you the best ever treatment at cost effective rates. We have multiple choices so does not worry just make an enquiry. Our representative will look into your problem.

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