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Bone cancer


Bone cancer is not so common still it is one of the category of the major cancers that afflict the crowd and difficult to treat. There are different types of bone cancer and can affect any bone. There are various symptoms that a patient of bone cancer suffers from. It does not include cancer anywhere n the body rather includes the metastasis of the bone in the whole body.

Types of bone cancer

  • Primary cancer:- Primary bone cancer starts in the bone cells. This includes benign tumors, abnormal tissue growth, developmental, traumatic, infectious or inflammatory cancers. Malignant bone cancers include osteosarcoma, chonsarcoma, osteoblastoma, enchondroma, giant cell tumor of bone and multiple myeloma.
  • Secondary bone cancer:- Secondary bone cancer happens when the primary location of the cancer is somewhere else but has spread to the bones secondarily after metastatic.

Symptoms of bone cancer

The symptoms of different bone cancers differ from type to type. There may be swelling in the affected area; the bones become weak, leading to fractures. There may be weight loss, lump in the affected area, fever, chills and rigors. There can be pain the affected area initially but it worsens over period of time. There can be limping in the patients with bone cancer and joint stiffness is also frequently seen in these cases.

Causes of bone cancer

The exact causes of bone cancer is not known but researchers believe that patient’s with a history of Paget’s disease are at high risk of developing cancer in later stages. People with genetic risk are also prone to bone cancer.


As mentioned earlier bone cancer is the most uncommon cancer of the human body. The treatment of the bone cancer also has multidisciplinary approach. In this type of cancer different types of doctor s work together for a better outcome. Ortho specialist, oncologist etc often work together for the treatment. In case of any sarcoma or the tumor is removed through surgery done by both oncosurgoen and ortho specialist. It is accompanied by pharmacotherapy. Sometimes amputation is also performed if the limb is more affected and there are cahnces of spreading. More than 90% of the cases are treated by conservative treatment. Sometimes reconstructive surgery is also done by reconstructive surgeon like in case of soft tissue involvement. The chemotherapy also plays an important role for the cancer to stop from spreading. It is one of the important adjunct treatments. Radiotherapy is often used at the terminal stages and whenever required for the survival of the patient.

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