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Blood cancer


It is one of the deadliest forms of cancer all over the globe. People once catch hold of it are troubled now and then. There are multiple kinds of blood cancer known to the world but every form is as fatal as it can. Since blood is an important component of the human body and is necessity for the survival. It is the only medium that transports oxygen and the energy components to the body cells. Hence it is the necessary for the survival of the human body.

Types of blood cancer

  • Leukemia’s:- leukemia affects the blood and the bone marrow. The starting point of leukemia is bone marrow and then spread to other cells of the blood. In this it is usually the white blood cells that undergo malignant changes. It is again categorized into auto myeloid leukemia and lymphoid leukemia. It is a major problem of the human body in which the body cells is starved of oxygen.
  • Lymphoma:- It is another important type of blood cancer in which the lymphatic system is at stake. In this the cells of lymphatic system multiply abnormally in an uncontrolled manner. The abnormal cells called lymphoma cells accumulate to form cancer cells called tumors or the lymph nodes. It is the most common type of blood cancer prevailing all over the globe. Even the incidents of lymphomas are increasing day by day.
  • Myeloma:- It is also a form of blood cancer in which the plasma cells are affected. Plasma cells are known as mature lymphocytes. In this also the plasma cells multiply in an abnormal manner leading to the formation of the tumor. These tumors then secrete chemicals that trigger bone marrow cells to deplete calcium from the blood. People above 60 years of age are prone for such kind of blood cancers.
  • Myeloproliferative neoplasm:- It is a group of disease in which the bone marrow cells are compromised and cancerous. It occasionally occurs in older children. It develops from genetic mutation leading to the formation of megakaryotes. The risk factors are thrombocytopenia and genetic mutation of JAK2.
  • Myelodeplastic syndrome:- It also occurs in the blood and bone marrow with varying degrees. Primary MDS has no fixed cause. It occurs when the genetic material of the developing stem cell in the bone marrow is damaged which is known as acquired mutation.

Treatment of blood cancer

There are so many treatment modalities available for blood cancer in India. The patients are treated as per the stage and type of blood cancer. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are utilized for this like any other cancers. Stem cell treatment and other biological therapies are also utilized for cancer.

Why India for blood cancer?

India has a number of cancer research centers and cancer hospitals. It is not only in the metro cities rather people in small towns also have this facility. Hence we are acting as mediator for the patients who are in need of our help. Email us for more details.

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