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Bladder Cancer


It is the type of cancer originating in the bladder. It is basic a pelvic organ in the lower abdomen which is meant to store urine. It is an elastic hollow organ that helps in storing urine before it passes away. Bladder cancer is not so common form of cancer but an occur at any age. But usually great majorities are diagnosed at an early age. It generally occurs in the cells that line the inside of the bladder and hence it affects typically the older adults.

Types of bladder cancer

  • Transitional cell bladder cancer:- This cancer is called as urothelial cancer. It is the type of cancer that develops from the bladder lining.
  • Non muscle invasive bladder cancer:- it is early stage of cancer in which the lining of the bladder is involved.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma:- Only 1% to 10% are squamaous cell carcinoma of bladder. These carcinomas are never invasive in nature.
  • Aden carcinoma:- About 1% of the bladder cancers are adenocarcinomas. These cells are like gland forming cells of colon cancers.
  • Sarcomas:- Sarcomas starts in the muscle cells of the bladder and are rare.

Causes of bladder cancer

The causes of bladder cancer are still unknown but there is certain risk factor for bladder cancer. Smoking, parasitic infection, radiation, and chemical exposure are the foremost things like other cancer. It can be genetic as well.

Treatment of bladder cancer

The treatment of bladder cancer is same as any other type of cancer. Hence chemotherapy is the first choice of treatment. The chemo drugs are infused into the veins through IV access and repeated dosages are gives in cycles. Radiation therapy is also one of the important factor playing an important role in the in the treatment of bladder cancer. Not only this when the metastasis has destroyed all the cells of the bladder then surgery needs to be done in combination with chemotherapy.

Why India for bladder cancer?

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