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Sprain and strain

Sprains and strains are most common injury as far as ligaments are concerned. Ligament is a tissue that connects bones with the joint. Sprain is any stretch or tear in the ligament. Ligament is connective tissue and helps in connecting bones together. Strain is stretching of muscle and tendons in the body. Tendon is a fibrous tissue that connects muscles with the bones.

The prone areas for sprains are ankles, knees and wrist. Sprain is categorized into different grades. Grade one sprain is also known as mild sprain where there is slight stretching and some damage to the fibers of the ligaments. Grade two or moderate sprain is partial tear of the ligaments whereas in grade three which is also known as severe sprain where there is complete tear of the ligament. Strains as discussed above, is the tear of the tendon and muscles. Tendons are also fibrous cords of tissues that hold the bone and muscles together. Like sprain it can also be mild moderate and severe depending on the grading and severity of the tear. People who are into football, soccer, hockey.


The severity of sprain and strain decide its mode of treatment. Usually grade one or mild injuries heal on its own by taking rest. Ice compression, elevation of the limb also does work in a wonderful manner. This technique is also known as RICE commonly. In grade two injuries immobilization of the injured part. In grade three strains and sprains require surgery of the affected part to restore its functions.

Why to opt India

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