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Shoulder and Elbow

Shoulder is one of the biggest and heaviest joint of human body but it is known for greatest range of motion. It is the only joint responsible for lifting and getting your hand in right position. Since it has a good range of motion therefore it is more prone for fractures and other injuries.

Types of shoulder and elbow fractures:

There can be a number of shoulders and elbow fractures which an individual can sustain due to high pressure. These are mentioned below

  • Shoulder Dislocation:- It is an emergency condition in which an individual suffers from abnormal positioning of the shoulder due to inappropriate pressure to the shoulder joint.
  • Shoulder separation:- It is the condition when the collar bone gets separated from the shoulder blade. This condition is caused due to an injury to the ligament.
  • Rotator cuff tear:- An inflammation of the tendons in the shoulder joint can lead to rotator cuff tear. It is sudden and gradual and comes up with aging. It is common in athletes and sports persons.
  • Swimmer’s shoulder:- It is an injury after overuse of the shoulder joint and affects the tendons muscles and ligaments in the shoulder. It often occurs due to overtraining in fatigue muscles.
  • Shoulder arthritis and bursitis:- it is the wear and tear type of arthritis and an autoimmune form that causes pain and inflammation. People can suffer from fracture due to this deadly condition as it increases the fragility of the bones.
  • Golfer’s elbow:- It is again an overuse injury of the elbow joint. It is also known as tennis elbow. It can be because of the repetitive activity of the elbow joint for example gripping, flexing etc.
  • Olecranon fracture:- elbow is made up of three bones radius, humerus and ulna. Individual suffering from elbow fracture rushes to the emergency directly because of severe pain. The tenderness all around the elbow is one of the sign of elbow fracture. It can occur because of the direct blow or indirect fracture.


  • Open reduction and fixation:- This process is done under general anesthesia. It is done to stabilize the bone fragments so that they get time to heal. Orthopedic surgeons repair the broken clavicle and proximal humerus.In elbow joint this procedure is performed to set the things right. It is done when there is a fracture of distal humerus, olecranon and bony tip of the elbow.
  • Bone graft:- When the gap between the broken bones is large and its difficult for the body to heal on its own then bone graft is done where a live bone tissue is replaces the bone fragments.
  • External fixation:- In case of dislocation internal fixation is not the best option therefore external fixation is the treatment of choice.
  • Joint replacement:- When the joint is damaged brutally and there are no chances of repair then one can go for joint replacement.

Although developing India has a wide scope in medical industry and is capable for high level medical treatment at low cost.

Shoulder Joint (Dislocation) Injuries Treatment India

Dislocation of the shoulder means the misplacement of the upper arm bone out of the shoulder joint. Aged people can be caused by a range of joint or muscle problems like shoulder dislocation. You may feel the pain most when you reach behind your back. Dislocation occurs when a bone slips out of a joint or it may frequently caused by athletic activities.

United medtour provide minimally invasive treatments for simple and complex orthopedic ailments at affordable price in india. Typical dislocations are treated by means of placing the shoulder back into right position as it was before. In severe cases, the shoulder may not heal without surgery. You may need surgery if you have a weak shoulder joint or ligaments. Arthroscopy is also called key hole joint surgery is one of the latest and advanced treatment for shoulder dislocation. Latarjet procedure for treating shoulder injury came in india and we are able to use these advanced techniques, as technology is currently available in India at very reasonable cost.

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