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Pediatric Orthopedic Conditions

There are a number of hospitals in India for orthopedic cases and there is no dearth of pediatric orthopedic hospitals as well. It is more difficult to handle orthopedic cases than to the adult ones as it needs a finer touch. There are many conditions which are difficult to deal with. Some of the conditions are mentioned here.

Pediatric orthopedic

  • ACL injury:- It is a common injury in adult as well. The anterior cruciate ligaments injury can be due to arthritis, sports like soccer, basketball and football.
  • Ankle sprain:- It is also common in adults and can be a due to sports of while playing games. Sometimes accidents can also lead to ankle sprain. Games like basket ball, football, soccer tennis are the major cause of this injury.
  • Knee pain:- Since it is the ball and socket joint hence teenagers participating in sports develop achy tenderness around the knee cap area. Prolonged tenderness and pain can give rise to sever knee pain.
  • Bone tumors:- Tumors like osteosarcoma which is commonly found in the bone around the knee and Ewing’s sarcoma which is found in upper leg, pelvis and other trunk bones are very common physiological condition in children.
  • Bowed legs:- Bowed leg is the condition that develops due to the baby’s position in sisde the uterus. Many of the newborns are with bowed legs and they get straight when they start walking. But this condition can carry on as well.
  • Cerebral palsy:- It is a group of conditions in which the patient suffers from multiple problems related to movement, posture, muscles coordination etc.
  • Clubfoot:- It is a deformity of the foot and is most common orthopedic conditions in babies.

There are many other condition like kyphosis, spina bifida, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, torticolis, sever’s diease which are known orthopedic conditions.


The treatment of orthopedic conditions in India is quite reachable now. As there are a number of pediatric hospitals with this facility available even for new burns. We have highly talented and qualified pediatric surgeons available with us that here is no need to worry about the extremely fine surgeries. The procedures are done at very cost effective rates.

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