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Neck Spine and Back

Vertebral column also known as the backbone is the base of our skeleton. All the small bone of the body is attached to it through tendons, ligaments and muscle. The vertebral column holds skull at one end and pelvic girdle at the other to give shape of a proper human body. But we feel helpless when some things happen to it and hence we suffer from neck, back and spinal pain.

Neck Pain

Neck pain has been classified into acute neck pain that heals within days to weeks on its own. This pain is due to muscles ligaments and tendons. Chronic neck pain persists for more than three months and worsens with time. It can be because of the nerve damage, tissue scarring, arthritis and psychological conditions. The underlying conditions for neck pain can be the following.

Types of wrist fractures:

  • Cervical osteophytes or bone spurs in the neck.
  • Cervical spondylosis.
  • Cervical myelopathy.
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome.

All these conditions are the physiological contributing factors for the acute and chronic form of neck pain.

Spinal and back pain

It can be caused by a number of contributing factors. The nerve roots at the lower back, smaller nerves at the lower back, large paired lower back muscles, bone and ligaments, the disc degeneration can cause irritation and pain in the spinal cord area. Lower back pain is extremely common and the signs and symptoms vary greatly. A simple lower back muscle strain can be very excruciating. The lower back pain can also occur due to lumbar disc herniation and degenerative disorder.

Over 80 % of the population suffers from lower back pain and it’s the common complaint of all the human beings. So what to do and where to get the treatment from.


  • Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion:- This surgery is performed to remove a herniated or degenerative disc in the neck area of the spine. Bone grafts that are utilized can be autograft, allograft and artificial grafts made up of manmade plastic.
  • Laminectomy:- In this procedure the degenerative bone is removed. It can be done by anterior or posterior approach.
  • Laminoplasty: In this procedure lamina is thinned out on one side and then cut on the other end to create a hinge. It prevents 30-40 % of the motion involved at the levels of spine.
  • Artificial disc replacement:- It is also known as arthroplasty which is performed to treat degenerative disc disease of the neck or back region.
  • Posterior percutaneous cervical foraminotomy: It is a minimal invasive procedure and used to remove the bone spurs and herniated discs in the neck that compress a spinal nerve.
  • Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion: It is the treatment of pain in the lower back in patients who suffer from spondylolithesis, degenerative disc disease or recurrent herniation.
  • There are other procedures like spinal osteotomy, spinal deformity correction surgery and vertebroplasty being performed for such kind of problems.

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