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Hand and Wrist


Hand is the most important part of the body and known to comprise upper limbs. Upper limbs are as valuable as lower ones i.e. legs. But a person becomes handicapped in their absence. The most common type of injury of limbs is fracture and it can be of various kinds (at different parts of the limb itself). Hand is made up of a frame of multiple bones which are capable to hold the muscles in place with the help of tendons and ligaments. Whenever high pressure force is applied knowingly or unknowingly to a particular part beyond threshold then the bones sustain fracture. Likewise wrist which is a lever to the hand is prone to fractures. There are different types of wrist and hand fractures.

Types of wrist fractures:

  • Scaphoid fractures: These are the most common types of wrist fractures and account for 79% of the carpal fractures. Known to occur in men of age group between 20-30 these can be displaced and non displaced.
  • Colle’s fracture: It is the fracture through the distal metaphysic of the radius almost 4cm proximal to the articular surface. It is common with weak bones like osteoporosis.
  • Smith’s fracture: Also known as reverse colle’s fracture, and involves the fracture of distal radius.
  • Barton’s fracture: It is the distal radius fracture with dislocation of radiocarpal joint.

Hand fracture:

  • Metacarpal fracture undisplaced: This is undisplaced fracture where the fragments are still in their normal position.
  • Metacarpal fractures displaced or unstable: It is metacarpal fracture where the fragments are not in their normal position.
  • Knuckle fracture: It can be on the knuckle, below the knuckle, in the shaftand at the base of the bone.
  • Fracture forearm and hind arm is also quite common nowadays.

Why to choose India for treatment:

India has a number of multispeciality hospitals. There are a number of star hospitals in metro cities. Be it small or terminal care problems India has the solution to everything at low cost. So it is easy and cost effective deal to avail medical services in India.

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