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Foot and Ankle Problems

A human body comprised of 206 bones and each and every bone of the skeleton is important. A small injury can lead to unbearable pain and damage to the human body. Lower limbs as important as upper limbs and suffice important functions that cannot be replaced. Foot and ankle are the most important part of the whole leg. So whenever we get injury in these two parts we feel handicapped and not worthy. There are various foot and ankle injuries that we suffer from few of them are discussed below.

Foot problems:-

  • Bunion:- It is the protruding bump at the base of the great toe. This bony bump is painful on exerting pressure and arthritis. Stressful shoe insert can also become harsh so avoid heels and wear roomy shoes.
  • Corns and callus:- These are the hardening of the soft skin that becomes cone shaped and point into the skin. Callus tends to spread out more in the skin.
  • Gout and arthritis:- This is a high protein intake disorder where the body stops metabolizing purines and pyrimidines and leads to increase in uric acid.
  • Plantar warts:- Warts re tough growth on the soles of the feet. It is a virus infection and communicates from skin to skin contact.
  • Flatfoot:- it is a disorder when the sole makes complete contact with the ground or when it does not have any arch. Any injury to the foot can lead to flat foot.
  • Fracture foot: Fracture foot or fracture metatarsal is common problem in athletes, sportsperson etc.

Ankle injuries:-

  • Achilles tendon injuries:- Achilles tendon is the tendon that connects the calf muscles with the heel bone. Whenever it is overused or with excess pressure it gets ruptured. The condition is very painful and individual is not able to walk.
  • Ankle fracture:- Any break of ankle bone from a trauma, fall or any related injury can lead to ankle fracture.
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome:- It is a condition that causes decrease in motion of the joint.
  • Treatment:-

    • Osteotomy:- This is the surgical procedure done for bunion where the big toe s straightened.
    • Arthroplasty:- It is a surgical procedure that involves removal of the deformed joint between toe bones.
    • Arthrodesis: It is procedure where the phalanges are fused together leaving the toe more stable.
    • Metatarsal surgery:- when the joints of the forefoot are damaged by injury or inflammation then metatarsal surgery is performed to make the foot more comfortable walking easier.
    • Ankle replacement:- This procedure involves removing the worn out ends of tibia and talus bones and replacing them with manmade ends.

    There is big chain of hospitals in metro cities with advanced facilities for multiple specialties. Hospitals in metro cities are well equipped to provide these treatment facilities at cost effective rates. This is the only reason why one should opt India for advanced treatment.

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