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Fractures and Dislocation

Fracture is any breach or break or discontinuity in the bone cells. In common parlance it is also called as the break or crack in the bone. There are 206 bones in a human body and bones are prone to crack or break due to excessive force applied intentionally or unintentionally. Bones tend to get displaced from their position many a time because of the external pressure. There are several types of fractures and dislocation. Main difference between the dislocation and fracture is that fracture occurs in a single bone whereas dislocation is always between two bones.


A discussed above it is the break in the continuity of the bone. There are many type of fractures based on the physiology like simple, compound etc.


  • Greenstick fracture:- It is a type of incomplete fracture where the bone is slightly bent not broken.
  • Transverse fracture:- It is the fracture where the crack is at right angle to the bone axis.
  • Oblique fracture:- Here the break is at an angle to the main axis.
  • Comminuted fracture:- Here the bone gets broken into pieces.
  • Impacted fracture:- Here the ends of the bones are driven into each other.
  • Pathological fracture:- There can be a fracture due to any medical condition like gout, arthritis, stress fracture etc. These kinds of fractures are called pathological fracture.


The dislocation can occur only at joints and between two bones. Therefore there are following types of dislocations.

  • Shoulder dislocation.
  • Knee dislocation.
  • Elbow dislocation.
  • Hip dislocation etc.


  • Manipulation:- External and internal manipulations are done to locate the dislocated bone.
  • Closed reduction:- This method is used when the reduction becomes difficult because of the more spastic muscles and reduction is significantly difficult. Different methods and techniques are used like Kocher method, external rotation, stimpsons technique and many more to reduce the bone into the socket.
  • Open reduction and fixation:- This process is done under general anesthesia. It is done to stabilize the bone fragments so that they get time to heal. Orthopedic surgeons repair the broken or displaced bone.

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