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Stroke is a serious condition which is considered to be the third highest cause of death in US. Not only are us it considered to be one of the major causes of death all around the world. It is basically a medical emergency condition in which the blood flow to the brain stops. Due to the stoppage of blood flow the brain cells starts dying. It is both a cardiac and neurology condition as the heart and brain both parts are involved.

Types of stroke

There are two types of stoke which are mentioned as follows:-

  • Ischemic stroke:- It is the condition that occurs when the artery is blocked completely of partially. The blood is known to carry oxygen and other nutrients to the cells hence when there is shortage of blood to any part of the brain then the brain cells fail to survive. This is known as ischemic stroke. If the artery remains blocked for more than 3-4 minutes then the brain cell die and there is a call for emergency medical condition. This condition can be the result of hypertension, cardiac problems etc.
  • Hemorrhagic stroke:- It accounts for more than 13% of all the cases of stroke. It is the result of weakened blood vessels. Due to the weakened blood vessels blood accumulates in certain part leading to pressurizing brain cells. The brain cells under pressure do not survive for much time and tends to die. This condition happens in aneurysm, and arteriovascular malformation.
  • Transient ischemic stroke:- Commonly known as mini stroke, this Tia occurs when the blood supply to the brain stops temporarily leading to deprivation of oxygen for few minutes. The TIA can lead to headache, slurred speech, and paralysis of facial muscles and weakness of arms.


  • Medical treatment:- Stroke at initial stages can be treated through pharmacotherapy. Anti platelets like anticoagulants and aspirin is the first line of treatment.
  • Carotid endarterectomy:- In this procedure carotid artery angioplasty is done.
  • MERCI:- It is a procedure in which mechanical clot removal is done. MERCI is a device that can remove blood clots from the artery.
  • Coiling:- Sometimes coiling is used when there is a danger of stroke from aneurysm. It is also known as endovascular embolization.
  • Angioplasty/stents:- Balloon angioplasty and implantable steel screens are used.

These are the procedures generally used for correcting stroke. Depending in the level of damage the procedure is selected and utilized for the treating this damage to the brain. There are any other procedures available in India for the same disorder. A number of qualified neurosurgeons deal with this problem hence it’s not a problem without solution. So if you are also tensed and looking for the treatment of stroke. Visit unitedmedtour we are there to serve you at any point of time.


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