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Spinal Injuries and Disorders

The spine is made up of 26 small bones called vertebrae. Vertebra protects the spinal cord and allows us to stand and bend. Hence it is an important part of the body. It forms the axis of our skeletal system. There are a number of problems related to the spine. It can be related to the structure of the spine or the parts within.

Types of spinal disorders

  • Spondylosis:- It is a condition in which occurs due to the degenerative function of the cervical cord. It occurs due to the compression of spinal cord. Generally occurs in later years of life, cervical spondylosis is the most common spinal cord problems in today’s world.
  • Whiplash associated disorder:- It is a condition characterized by headaches caused due to cervico genic headache, heaviness in the arms, low back pain and difficulty in concentration and memory.
  • Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH):- It is the bony calcification of ligaments in the areas where they get attached to spine. Also called forestier’s disease it is characterized by pain and stiffness in upper back such as shoulder’s , elbows, knees and heels.
  • Fractures of thoracic and lumbar areas:- This is also a common problem that occurs in sudden accidental injury. It can also occur due to bone insufficiency like in case of osteoporosis, tumors and weak bones etc.
  • Kyphosis:- it is a condition in which there is forward rounding of the back. In this there is exaggerated rounding of the back. It is not age bound and can occur at any age and commonly found in women.


  • Radio surgeries:- It is the procedure in which spinal tumors are removed in a non invasive fashion. It is a painless treatment and can be done in one to five sessions.
  • Spondylectomy:- It is a surgical procedure to remove metastatic tumors including the sacral tumor.
  • Spinal fusion:- This procedure is followed for kyphosis in which the vertebras are fused together for the correction of curvature.
  • Stabilization:- It is a technique followed for fractures in spine where the part is stabilized for 2-4 weeks so that it gets reunited.

There are many other procedures available with us in Neurosurgical side for the patients. You name one and we will have I here in India. Doctors are highly specialized and treat the patients as their own. Medical profession is all about a good care and effective skills which is available in Indian hospitals. So if you are also suffering for such kind or related disorders then just give a call or mail us on our email id. We will surely get back to our within no time with a perfect solution.


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