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Multiple Sclerosis

There are a number of autoimmune disorders known but all over the globe but multiple sclerosis is one of the most dangerous and devastating autoimmune disorder. It is known as autoimmune because the body through its immune system launches attack against it own tissues. It is known as the disabling disease of brain and spinal cord. Falling into the category of demyelinating nerve disorder it disrupts the normal functioning of the nervous system is hampered by this disease. This disorder damages the myelin sheath and hence blocks the messages between brain and body leading to a number of problems.

Types of Multiple sclerosis

  • Relapsing remitting MS:- This is the most common form of multiple sclerosis affecting the nervous system. It constitutes around 85% of all the patients diagnosed with MS.
  • Secondary progressive MS:- the symptoms worsen badly and fast over period of time in this type, it can occur with or without relapse and remission. People who are known cases of RRMS a have partial SPMS as well.
  • Primary progressive MS:- This type is not quite common and occurs in about 10% of the people with multiple sclerosis.
  • Progressive relapsing MS:- It is characterized but steadily worsening disease state with acute relapse but no remission.

Symptoms of MS

Patients of multiple sclerosis suffers from fatigue, they face difficulty in walking, vision problems, uncontrolled bladder, muscle stiffness, problems with balance and cognitive disorders. Patient suffering from multiple sclerosis suffers from both physiological and psychological disorders. So it’s a deadly problem that needs to be tackled soon to get out of it. The symptoms usually occur between the age group 20-40 and the initial problems are vision problems.


As such there is no absolute cure and treatment of multiple sclerosis but it is being treated symptomatically. There are three forms of beta interferon’s known for curbing the symptoms. Also corticosteroids are the drug of choice for reducing nerve inflammation. Steroids like prednisolone and intravenous methyl prednisolone are generally prescribed by the doctors to reduce inflammation of the nerves. Other group is plasma exchange known as plasmapheresis is being used to remove plasma from the blood cells. Then the blood cells are mixed with albumin to reduce the symptoms. For avoiding relapse beta interferons are used.

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