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Degenerative Diseases

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Degenerative diseases can affect a number of your body activities such as balance, movement, talking, breathing and heart functions. Most of these diseases are genetic in nature. These can also lead to medical problems. A number of degenerative disorders are known including following diseases.

Types of degenerative nerve diseases

  • Alzheimer’s disease:- It is the disease of older people. It is a brain disorder that seriously affects a person’s ability to carry out daily activities. Patients with Alzheimer’ disease have slow cognitive functions, loss of memory and difficult in remembering. It is an oldies problem and usually begins after 60 years of age. It worsens with time as the person grows old.
  • Huntington’s disease:- It is a genetic and hereditary disorder in which some nerves of the brain waste away. People do born with defective genes but symptoms do appear in middle age. In this disorder people stop recognizing their family members.
  • Lewy body disease:- It is the most common cause of dementia in elderly. In these condition abnormal structures like lewy body gets build up in the brain. These are hard to diagnose at early stage. The symptoms are similar to Parkinson’s disease. It begins between ages 50-85.
  • Parkinson’s disease:- Parkinson’s disease is a type of movement disorder. It happens when nerve cells do not secrete enough dopamine. Sometimes it is genetic and hereditary. Symptoms include trembling of hands, leg jaw and face, stiffness of arms, legs and trunk, slowness of movement and poor coordination. There is no lab test it is categorized only on the basis of clinical symptoms.


These diseases are mostly treated by neurophysicians and psychologists. The medications include benzodiazepines, antidepressants, ant cholinergic, tranquilizers, sedatives, levodopa, carbidopa, COMT inhibitors, MAO-B inhibitors etc. There are other drugs available for such kind of disorders.

Surgical treatment includes

  • Deep brain stimulation:- This procedure is used to minimize the debilitating symptoms of Parkinsonism. It uses a implantation of neuro stimulator similar to pace maker to deliver electrical stimulation to targeted areas in the brain that controls the movement.
  • Thalatomy:- It is the brain surgery in which the thalamus a tiny brain area is destroyed. It can be done on one side and can be repeated on other side as well. It is generally done under local anesthesia.
  • Pallidotomy:- In this a part of the brain called pallidus is destroyed as it becomes overactive. This reduces the symptoms to minimal.
  • Subthalamotomy:- In this condition the subthalamus is destroyed for minimizing the symptoms.

These are advanced procedures which are also available in India. The expert neurophysicians and neuron surgeon’s work together to control these degenerative conditions. The treatment is available at a cost effective rate and even an individual from a low strata of the society is able to get the treatment. The facilities are of high standards and patient is considered god in the medical industry. The cultural belief along with expertise is a boon for medical industry in India. If you are also tired then call us within no time to get the solution.


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