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Cephalic Disorders

Cephalic refers to any defect resulting from the abnormal development or any damage to the spinal cord or brain. Cephalic disorders are congenital in nature or present at birth due to intrapartum injury. These are caused by genetic condition, medications or injury. Cephalic disorders are may not only be influenced by hereditary factors rather environmental factors, pregnancy condition, exposure to radiations are also responsible for the development of cephalic disorders. There are a number of cephalic disorders.

Types of cephalic disorders

  • Acephaly:- It is associated with the development of a parasitic twin on a normal foetus a neck area. The acephalic twin is not able to survive independently rather the circulation comes from the heart of normal fetus.
  • Exencephaly:- It is an early stage of exencephaly and is found in embryos. In this the brain develops outside the skull. It happens due to any genetic abnormality during the pregnancy process.
  • Macrocephaly:- In this condition the head becomes abnormally large. It is a hereditary and may not be related to other disorders, mental problems, dwarfism etc.
  • Micrencephaly:- Micrencephaly is characterized by very small brain and is a genetic factor.
  • Octocephaly:- It is characterized by agnathia means a total loss of the lower jaw and poorly functioning airway.
  • Proencephaly: It is a condition in which a cyst or cavity develops in the cerebral hemisphere. It is not a congenital disorder and can occur after birth.


  • Drugs:- Most of the cephalic problems are initially treated with the help of anticonvalascent medications to prevent seizures and prevention of abnormal brain development.
  • Surgical treatment: Surgical treatment is done as per the requirement of the case like deep brain stimulation, laminectomy, radiosurgery, microsurgery, cordotomy, transphenoidal surgery and radiation implants etc. The conservative treatment is also being carried out to prevent further complication and damage to the already damaged part.

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