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Brain Hemorrhage


It is one of the main factors responsible for neurological disorders. A brain hemorrhage leads to either intracranial bleed or subarachnoid bleed. Depending on the physiology it can lead to a number of disasters inside the human body leading to death as well, if not controlled on time. There are a number of factors responsible for the brain hemorrhage which is as follows.

Factors causing brain hemorrhage

  • High blood pressure:- High blood pressure is the major factor responsible for brain hemorrhage. It causes atherosclerosis that is formation of the fatty plaque hindering or blocking he arterial walls and hence adding on to the risk of bleeds due to hypertension.
  • Drugs used in leukemia or hemophilia: Anticoagulants can lead to thinning of the blood leading to intracranial bleed.
  • Blood vessels abnormality:- Blood vessel abnormality like AVM can also be the cause for intracranial bleed.
  • Injury to the brain:- Brain injury due to any accident, RTA, etc can lead to intracranial bleed.
  • Brain tumors: Brain tumors are the major factor of intracranial bleed.


  • Decompression surgery:- It is a surgery in which the pooled blood is sucked and damaged part is repaired. Draining of the pooled blood leads to decompression of the brain.
  • Craniotomy with open surgery:- In this procedure the neurosurgeon removes a part of the skull and conducts open surgeries to drain the pooled blood and repair of the blood vessels.
  • Simple aspiration:- In this procedure the neurosurgeon drills into the skull and aspirates the fluid or the blood in the cranium. The aspiration is done using a needle hence this procedure is more or less invasive.
  • Stereotactic aspiration:- In this procedure the hematoma is located with the help of CT and then drained under its guidance only.

There are many other procedures which are being used for correcting brain hemorrhage. India has a number of neuron specialized hospitals. Metro cities like Delhi, Bombay, Chennai, Calcutta and other big cities like Gurgaon, Noida etc are more equipped with excellent neuro staff. Everything can be checked online; one can make a call or email the hospital administration for the prompt reply. India is quite rich in medical industry. It is no less than other developed nations like US and UK. The quality of life that we give to our patients is commendable. Expert staff, cost effective rate, easy reach is the beauty of our services.

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