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Disorders associated with malfunctioning of the central nervous system are called neurological disorder. It occurs due to damage to the parts of brain, spinal and other nerves. There are various types of neurological disorder which can be treated by assorted procedures and interventions.

Various Categories Of Neurological Disease:-

Symptoms of Neurological Disorder:

The general symptoms of neurological disorder include nausea, vertigo and loss of sensation. Due to damage to the nerves in brain and spinal cord there is occurrence of poor coordination and paralysis. Tumor can also occur in rare cases.

Causes of damage to Brain and Spinal Cord:-

The nerves of brain and spinal cord are highly protected and lie deep within. They are further protected by bones and skull. The nerves of these two are differentiated by blood brain barrier which gives them high protection. However damage may occur due to lifestyle changes, destruction of blood vessels and presence of poor environment. Besides, damage to the parts of brain and spinal cord are the major reasons for neurological disorder. Diseases like congenital and auto-immune disorder are also known for causing the damage.

Various Neurological Procedures

X-Rays are most common means of finding out any kind of misalignment in the bones of spinal cord or brain. Since calcium absorbs maximum amount of X Rays it is easy to find deformity in them. Fluoroscopy consists of low doses X- rays that are used to view body parts in motion. It is generally viewed on the monitor and can be utilized for examining assorted arteries and blood vessels. Angiography is commonly done to find blockages in arteries and veins. It can also be done to evaluate the blockages in brain, neck and spinal cord.

Nowadays Biopsy is also done which involves removal of small amount of tissue from the body part and then evaluation is done to find the presence of any neurological disorder or defective gene that can be passed onto next generation. Brain Scan is a kind of imaging technique done to find the malfunctioning nerves and blood vessels present in the brain and spinal cord which may cause neurological disorder.

Evaluation of Cerebrospinal fluid is done to detect the presence of any infection, hemorrhage and injury in brain and spinal cord. CT scan is most common method of finding brain and spinal abnormalities. The two dimensional images of the organs are obtained which are then studied. In Electroencephalography monitoring of the brain is done through skull. It is done to identify extent of brain injury, brain tumor, bleeding and inflammation. Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses radio waves to form the images of brain and spinal cord and to find the damages to the organs.

Neurological Treatment in India

Today, India is home to some of the best hospitals. The healthcare services provided here are at par with the international standards. People in the west now come here to avail best of facilities at affordable rates. With promotion of medical tourism in India, people across the world come to get treatment of high standards. There are several top class hospitals present that deliver outstanding services by highly experienced doctors who have international exposure.


There are various kinds of brain injury like closed head injury, toxics injury and severe tissue damage.
There are several high-end hospitals present in India that render best services to handle all kinds of cases.
Yes, researches have shown that it is possible to treat brain disorders by stem cells.
Alzheimer, Parkinson, epilepsy, sleep disorder and Migraine.
It depends on the extent of disease and also on how seriously you follow the instructions given by the doctor.

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