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Breast Augmentation


Now day’s beauty is being defined at its own pace. The fast technology has defeated the process of aging. Nobody is ugly as there are procedures through which people are able to maintain their beauty lifelong. As far as beauty is concerned it is not about the face rather it is about the body as well. Females do go for a number of surgeries to have an appealing body even at their older age. It does not matter how old you are but it is the aptitude towards a better and maintained life that one should go if she cares about herself. Breast is considered to be the most important organ of the lady that differentiates lady from a man. But most of the times either because of the zero size or because of the lean body this part is neglected. Many of the times people put on heavy mass on the breast because of heavy increase in weight so these kinds of people do look for somatic surgeries like breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation

This is the surgical procedure that increases or restores the size of the breast using implants like silicone, saline and fat as well. While going for breast augmentation one should evaluate herself that whether she is fit for breast augmentation or not. It is better to consider for augmentation when there is a disproportion and you need an appealing figure, in case when you have deformed your breast due to pregnancy or else if you want to restore the symmetry of the body. These conditions should be kept in mind before taking any decision.

How is it performed?

These procedure is performed by the cosmetic surgeon many a times known as reconstructive surgeon. He makes an incision lifts the breast tissues and creates a pocket in the chest. This place is utilized to place the silicone implant, saline implant, and mania time’s fat implant. The fat of the patient is taken from any other area is implanted in the required place that is breast. The shape of the breast is even important therefore there is a technique to fit in the implant. It is placed underneath the pectorals muscles between the breast tissue and chest.

Types of implants

  • 1.Saline filled implants
  • 2.Silicone filled breast implants
  • 3.Cohesive gel silicone implants
  • Autologous fat transfer

This is a very procedure and even the scar is not visible. Since it is a cosmetic surgery the surgeon keeps the beauty point in consideration. The patients undergoing this surgery should be under observation for years. Follow-up is very important point in the cosmetic surgeries like other surgical procedure.

Why India for breast augmentation?

India has rich medical industry and various reconstructive surgery hospitals are there to cater the needs of patients at low cost. We have understood the value of beauty hence we try hard to make our patients happy by providing them cheap and best possible outcome. Call us if you are in need of breast augmentation

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