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Arm Lift Surgery


There are so many cosmetic surgeries people are going through as everyone wants to look good. These days fashion has become a statement and the most important statement of fashion is to look good. It has become quite easy and affordable now days. People try for anything and everything before getting onto the details of the surgeries. Therefore one should be knowledgeable of what he or she is undergoing. Nowadays people get worried of the excess fat that gets accumulated in a disproportionate manner in different areas like arm pit, deltoid, etc. What to do becomes difficult to understand.

What is arm lift surgery?

Arm lift surgery is known as brachioplasty in which excess fat of the underarm are removed and the arms are reshaped between elbow and arm pit area. It is a surgical technique of toning the arms when the arms get reshaped. Toned arms always increase the beauty of the body hence it becomes very important for the shaping of the whole body.

Who should go for Arms lift surgery?

There are conditions when people should go for arms lift surgeries. People with significant upper skin excess and laxity should go for arm lift. If the underside of the arms are sagging and full due to excess of fat one should opt for this surgery. Healthy individuals without any medical condition with disproportionate body should go for arms lift surgeries. Thos surgery is followed by proper arms exercise and strength training so that it will not be repeated in future. The person undergoing arms lift surgery should understand the fact that why she is going for this procedure. Like other surgical procedure the patties is evaluated for any medical and surgical condition. Blood test x rays are done to be fit for anesthesia. Pre conditions should be followed etc.

How is arm lift surgery performed?

First thong first it depends on the stage and condition of the fat accumulated in the armpits. This procedure is being performed by the plastic surgeon. An incision is being made on the inner side of the arm so that the incision should be hidden. People who undergo liposuction many a times go for arms lift. After incision the excess of fat is removed through liposuction. And then the outer skin is lifted and sutured. It is a simple procedure and there is no danger.

Risk factors in arms lift

Yes there are some risk factors involved in the arms lift surgery. One can have swelling, bruising, scarring, loss of sensation, bleeding, swelling of hands, seromas etc. If the surgery is not performed well.

Why to choose India for this surgery?

Cosmetic surgery needs expertise which we have in India. Therefore people from all over the globe are approaching us for better treatment. It has become the fashion statement hence one should go for it to look good. Cosmetic surgeries are cost effective in India with fast recovery. We at unitemedtour try hard to deliver the best services. We arrange everything for our clients.

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