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Valve Disorders


There are various kinds of valve disorders ranging from mild to severe. Valve disorders are quite dangerous and can lead to death as well. Valve disorders can be treated by medications but depending on the severity of the disease the treatment varies.

Types of valve disorders

Stenosis:- It is narrowing of the blood vessels because of the improper functioning of the heart valves. Sometimes the valves are not able to open properly. The narrowing of the blood vessels puts a pressure on the hard muscles to work harder and harder resulting in the enlargement of the heart muscles.

Pulmonary valve stenosis:- It is the condition which partly or completely blocks the flow of blood. The obstruction occurs in heart valves, arteries and veins.

Prolapsed:- It is a condition in which the valve slips out of the place and hence it is not able to close the vessels smoothly.

Regurgitation:- It is the problem where the heart valve does not get closed securely. Just because of valvular insufficiency the pumping capacity of the valve decreases demanding surgical intervention.


Valvuloplasty:- It is the surgical procedure in which the damaged valve is sewed by the surgeon in a proper manner so that he valve gets closed properly.

Annuloplasty:- It is the procedure in which the surgeon repairs the ring that helps in holding the ring that holds the valve together.

Valvulotomy:- In this procedure the valve flap is repaired.

Percutaneous mitral balloon valvotomy:- A catheter is inserted into the vein of right leg and guide it upto the mitral valve. The small balloon on the tip of the catheter is inflated to open the valve block.

Valve replacement:- If the valve of the heart is too damaged it need replacement. This procedure is called valve replacement. The valve that has to be in situ is either mechanical valve or bioprosthetic valve or natural valves.

Hence there are a number of treatments available for valve replacement. Ranging from high to low budget one can go for on demand procedures as per the requirement of the condition. The capable surgeons are able to do the procedures with less mortality and morbidity in India. Even the cost of such procedure is cost effective. The lower strata of the society are also capable of availing the treatment. This is why India has a big market for the medical industry.

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