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How it work?


How We Work?

How We Work As
Medical Tourism Facilitator?

Request for Quotation:

Please fill out the form with appropriate details. We will require detailed information to understand your exact needs. We will revet you as soon as possible (please refer to inquiry form). If you would rather talk on the phone, call us at 9898989898.

Sharing Your Information

Share your medical history including every medical procedure, previous consultation details and current health status. After receiving your personal details and medical history, we will forward it to our expert medical team.

Identifying Best Hospitals

After having all detailed information regarding your previous medical history and next procedure requirement, we identify the best match hospitals and medical center where patients have better treatment outcomes. We always try to help you get your appointments with best healthcare expert, so that you receive the very best care.

Estimates and Quotes:-

Once we receive all relevant medical reports and scan images, we will send estimated cost for procedure based on recommendations made by doctors. you can easily reduce your expense by choosing accommodations according to your budget.

Booking Conditions

Once the service you have booked is confirmed. We require you to provide your advance payment so that we can book all the necessary appointments before you coming to india.

Confirm Your Plans

If you feel comfortable for procedures, confirm a treatment plan at least one month before your date of journey. we will send a confirmation letter.

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