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How Health Care Is Changing
Quality of Life.

At United Medtour, we provide international medical travel facilities for the purpose of receiving healthcare services in india at affordable cost. Presently, India has become as a preferred destination for medical tourism in asia due to the low medical cost with quality healthcare infrastructure.

United Medtour has associated with universally accredited facilities and highly expert medical team to provide you with the outstanding medical care. We offer a range of surgeries such as orthopaedic surgery, dermatology, gastroenterology, obesity care, IVF treatments, cosmetic surgery, hair restoration and eye surgery.

we aspire to help people live a happy, healthy, and quality of life.

We organize the planning and preparation of treatment plans for patients who comes from abroad according to their choice of facilities, united medtour help with travel and accommodation systems and visas, if needed that time.

List of Benefits you can expect while coming through united medtour.

  • We have a strong relationship with most of the hospitals in india they provide direct resolution to all patients.

  • We will serving as the liaison between the patient and their family in india throughout their entire stay.

  • we're helping patients to get treatmet at low cost and standard quality care.

Our Core Values

We guide our customers the way we work with major core values which is our integral part, — we are guided by five core values:


Our determination is to achieve service through our people and our activities to improve the patient's quality of life.


United medtour family helped shape the modern healthcare sector. our patient's are able to get innovative healthcare facilities in one roof.


Unbeatable service. we provide an outstanding range of treatments and support services for our enrolled patients.


Reliability and trustworthiness in our dealing. We avoid conflicts and comply with the law.


Total transparency and openness are fundamental aspects of our business reputation.

Our Commitment
Towards Quality and Care.

we're committed to providing high-quality patient care services to meet our customer's needs. we measure our performance continiously to improve the quality of our medical services. We're proud of our dedicated medical team and skilled people, who foster change through their personal efforts.

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